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Welcome to ‘Lou’s Weight Online’ – featuring your personal nutrition coach: Louise Adderley (AKA The Running Nutritionist)


No bullsh*t.


No gimmicks or fads.


No cutting out food groups.


No eating 'strange' foods you've never heard of.


100% private and confidential - unique service personalised to meet YOUR needs as a busy runner.


Do you want to: - Lose weight? - Improve your running performance? - Get a new PB?

- Eat more healthily?

- Get professional insight and advice regarding your existing diet/lifestyle?

- Get more energy and be the person you truly want to be? - Or just: feel better?


I can help you to:

- Lose weight without changing or upping your existing exercise.

- Eat to win!

- Improve your running performance and times through proper nutrition and by eating the right fuel at the right time.

- Eat a healthy, balanced diet (in line with the current Australian scientific standards), however one that is tailor-made and personalised: specifically designed for YOU based on your own needs, and including only foods that you like and that make you feel (and subsequently look) your best.

- Assess and analyse what you are currently eating and highlight any micronutrient

(e.g. iron) or macronutrient (e.g. protein) deficiency and how best to resolve this.

...All from the comfort and privacy of your own home.


NEW!!! "Walk & Talk"

"If you're located in Newcastle, Australia, I'm pleased to announce an extra option for you: 'Walk & Talk'. Combine your weekly consultation with a short walk. You'll be getting in some low-impact exercise while we discuss your past week and I give you your guidelines for the next week. Two birds/one stone! No extra cost involved. This can be added in to your program at any time after your first consultation. Email me to find out more. Yours, Louise."


Contact me today for a professional, confidential nutrition consultation, at your convenience. info@lousweight.com.au