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About Me

Your personal online nutritionist – Louise Adderley, BHlthSc(Food&Nutrit) - AKA The Running Nutritionist.





2017: Master of Health Science, with Distinction (Alcohol and Other Drugs). The University of Newcastle.

2011: Bachelor of Health Science (Food and Nutrition). Charles Sturt University.


Having worked in the health and weight-loss industry for years, I am passionate about eating well for feeling great. We truly are what we eat. I know that for me personally, if I eat lots of chocolate, cereal, or sugary snacks, that I feel pretty much crap almost straight away or the next day (although feel great at the time!) and conversely, if I eat an abundance of fresh, wholesome, ‘real’ food, along with lots of oily fish, avocado, and seeds/nuts, then I have an extra spring in my step and feel pretty damn awesome (this is just a little bit about what works for me; however, we are all different and unique).


I am also passionate about: RUNNING! (and cheese jokes and terrible puns, but we'll save that for our one-on-one consults!) I am a runner, a writer, and a fully qualified nutritionist and food scientist who specialises in diet analysis and weight-loss nutrition for runners. By joining ‘Lou’s Weight Online’ you will receive professional support and advice, all from the comfort and privacy of your own home. By improving your diet or by focusing on great nutrition, you will be able to perform at your best. Hello new PB!


If your goal is to lose weight to help your running or change your eating habits to simply feel better, I will work with you week by week, supporting you every step of the way. We would begin with an initial long consultation (about 45 minutes to an hour) via Skype, email, or in person (if you are in the Newcastle CBD), where I find out all about your goals (including upcoming race goals and parkrun aims!), your reason for wanting for make a change, your current lifestyle and diet, any relevant medical history, and about foods that you like or dislike. After this first consultation, you would then usually be asked to complete a 3-day food diary, so I can build up a reasonable picture of your current diet and food preferences (this is essential if you are just choosing Option 1: Nutritional Analysis in Services). Following this, we would arrange a time that’s convenient for you for your weekly meeting with me (about 20 minutes to half an hour) where we can discuss how your week has been food-wise and how you’re feeling, along with me giving you specific recommendations for that coming week (based on your personal energy requirements, your overall goal and your food preferences). 


Small steps lead to big gains and your ultimate success. That’s why it is more beneficial to make small changes to your existing diet and habits over time than to drastically change everything about your diet overnight. This will result in long term change and new, healthy habits. You will lose weight steadily and healthily and will keep it off for good. The opposite of what happens with fads or crash diets, where you may lose weight quickly in the first couple of weeks. However this weight is mainly fluid and your own muscle mass, and not fat. Inevitably the weight comes back on with these kinds of diets and plans: as soon as you start eating more or you finish the ‘diet’ you gain all your weight back, plus a little bit extra due to having less of that all important muscle mass due to the restrictive diet. Rest assured though: this won’t happen with a healthy eating plan in place that focuses on eating real food that you like that nourishes you and makes you feel fantastic. The recommended steps each week will be unique to you and your goal, and during our weekly catch-up we can also discuss any issues that may have occurred during the previous week and talk about any upcoming events too and how you’re feeling in general. I am with you! I believe in you and I will support and encourage you from ‘start to finish’. I want you to perform at your best as much as you do. You will be working with a fellow runner who understands your goals and will celebrate every win with you along the way.


Being your personal nutrition coach, feel free to contact me at any time during throughout the week too. I’ll check in with you anyway, to see how you’re travelling (either once or twice a week usually, depending on your own unique circumstances) however, if, for example, you’ve been surprised and taken out for a romantic, mid-week dinner or are struggling with some food choices post or pre-run, I’ll be there to give you sound advice re: which items would best fit in with your plan and overall goal. Your life shouldn’t be made more complicated by losing weight and definitely shouldn’t be put on hold while you do so. Just message me and take the pressure off. You can do this! You’ve got this!



Whether your goal is to lose weight or improve your running performance, I can help.To contact

your online nutritionist directly, send an email to: