Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why do you recommend losing weight gradually?

A: There are so many unsustainable ‘fad’ diets out there (i.e. that exclude carbohydrates or fats) that promise large amounts of weight loss in a short space of time. The unfortunate truth about these diets is that, more often than not, they are not sustainable, long-term solutions, and any weight lost quickly gets regained plus a bit more. By making small changes week-by-week, and by following advice that is based on and in line with the current scientific standards and research in nutrition, you will get lasting results and lose weight healthily.


Q: Why do you specialise in working with runners?

A: Running is a big passion of mine (not as a professional in any sense, but I just love to run). I have been running regularly for the last 15 ish years and I've experienced firsthand the difference that a proper, balanced, and nutritionally optimal diet makes to my running performance, PBs, and recovery too. I remember my first full marathon back in 2009, where I was woefully unprepared from a fuel side of things and hit that famous wall at about the 35km mark. The end of that race, and the recovery period in the following couple of months was enough to make me say at the time 'never again!' and I actually swore off running for a while. Thankfully this didn't last too long, and fuel, the correct type, amount and at the correct time (that 'magic window') has been key in my running adventures since then. These have included four eight more marathons, a lot of half marathons, two 50km ultras, and a 100km ultra challenge, to name a few. Fuel is SO important and I love to work with other runners to see them acheive their best running performance and new PBs or distance goals through adherence to a proper, balanced diet, and of eating enough at the right time.


Q: I am particular about certain foods. Will you tell me to eat things that I do not like?

A: By analysing your current diet and determining foods that you like and dislike, I will be able to give you custom, tailor-made advice and solutions that are unique to your likes and lifestyle. You can lose weight / eat healthily by enjoying foods that you like, and I would never recommend you eat something that you detest or avoid.


Q:  What is the BMI?

A: BMI stands for Body Mass Index and it is a measure of your height:weight ratio. A healthy BMI ranges from 18 to 24. For more information on the BMI and to calculate your BMI, click on the BMI Calculator tab.


Q: How long will it take me to lose my weight?

A: Everyone is different and has their own unique goals, therefore weight loss lengths vary between individuals depending on how much weight you have to lose. By joining Lou’s Weight, I will provide you with custom-made advice and analysis – unique and personalised and based on your specific goals.


Q: Do I need to pay my fees weekly or can I pay monthly?

A: That is entirely up to you: I accept payment weekly, monthly, and even in 3 and 6 month blocks. NB. You are eligible for a 20% discount if you choose to pay for your 12 week transformation one-on-one program in full! Contact me for further details: info@lousweight.com.au.


Q: Can you consult me in person or is it only online services?

A: As we are all different and respond to different approaches I am aware that medium of the online environment is not for everyone. Therefore if you are in Newcastle, Australia, I would be happy to consult you in person. Please contact me to discuss your options and to arrange a suitable time for you.


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