Measure Your Results

There are many different reasons why we want and choose to lose weight, including improving our

health, changing our appearance, trying to fit back into some clothes, an upcoming event/race or holiday, to help a fitness goal, and to start a family, to name a few. Whilst the number on the scales will give you your overall weight (and does not take into account any extra muscle gained if you have commenced a weight-training program, which weighs more than fat), there are other important ways to measure your results:



Use a tape measure to measure your waist, hip, and chest measurements (or even thigh and arm) to see the centimetres dropping off as you lose fat and fluids, even if you gain muscle.



Are your clothes getting looser? Can you fit back into those jeans? Fantastic signs that you are achieving your results.


Energy Levels

Do you feel perkier? Happier? Seem to have more energy and vitality since starting this weight-loss or healthy eating service?


Body Image / Comments

Do you feel better / more confident about your body? Have you had many comments from friends or colleagues?


Running Performance

Has your running performance improved? Are you recovering quicker after a hard training session or race? Do you feel faster/stronger/better? Have you acheieved a brand spanking new PB at a race?? These are all the best signs that your diet is working for you!!



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