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5 Day Challenge to Ditch Processed Sugar

In this 5-day challenge, you’ll discover how to gain control of your sugar addiction, (yes, it is an addiction) and learn how to ease off sugar in the long term.  Hello weight loss, extra energy, and feeling better all over! What’s included:

A 5 day meal plan, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Delicious and satisfying recipes (for the meal plan, and beyond).

A wealth of information and strategies, such as what to do when sugar cravings strike, how to avoid sugar in the real world, how to avoid sugar at night (and why), alternatives to refined sugar, why sugar is such a problem, and much more….

LIFETIME access to the exclusive members-only group.

Motivation, support and personal advice from me, for the 5 days and beyond.

Bonus workouts designed by a local legendary personal trainer.  


Price $49.95  



14 Day 'Clean Eating' Program

Forget extreme, deprivation diets that don't work... Kickstart your weight loss and health goals and feel better than ever with my surprisingly easy 14-Day 'clean eating' challenge!

The 14-Day ‘Clean Eating’ Challenge gives you a simple, done-for-you guide to healthy eating... and a kick up the a*se to help you start making smarter food choices and smash your health goals.

When you sign up for this quick and easy program that jumpstarts your new, healthy lifestyle, you'll get:

A 14-day meal plan that includes delicious, filling options for your breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner...

Mouth-watering, flavour-packed recipes you can easily prepare for the entire family – without having to spend hours cooking in the kitchen...

A complete food list full of nutritious, ‘clean’ foods that you can easily find in your local supermarket...

An in-depth e-Guide to ‘clean eating’ that tells you exactly how to find a real food lifestyle that you can maintain long-term... instead of wasting time and money on more quick fixes and fads...

Ongoing support through check-ins with me that will help you stay on track and hold you accountable to your goals...

LIFETIME access to the exclusive private-membership group.



Price $99  



Eat To Win: 30 Day Nutrition Program

Discover simple strategies that you can EASILY add to your lifestyle to get your best running results yet; gain a new Parkrun or race pb, fuel your runs and feel great, and get back on track and gain control of your weight (with no hunger, dieting or deprivation - and no bullsh*t either - REAL food for REAL results).

You’ll be plugged into an amazing COMMUNITY OF SUPPORT every step of the way. 

BONUS: You’ll get a wealth of resources and tools, delicious recipes for nutrition-packed meals, ideas for healthy snacks and eating on the go for runners, a supermarket shopping guide, food journals, an exercise planner, plus “knock-your-socks off” juice and smoothie recipes. 

Runners’ and non-runners’ nutrition focusing on the following areas - one key strategy each week:

•Week 1) Macromolecules / Perfect Proportions  

•Week 2) Eating enough (but not overcompensating for your runs or that gnawing 'runger') and real/whole food choices  

•Week 3) The Magic Window (for refueling) and optimal times to eat (pre, during, and post run nutrition)  

•Week 4 - Hydration, and assessing your results/progress so far

Once you sign up, you’ll receive: 

•One simple, transformational strategy &/or task for each week along with a wealth of information to get you on the right track 

•Templates and worksheets to make tracking and planning easy 

•INSTANT LIFETIME access to the Exclusive Membership Group 


•PLUS…You’ll get THESE Amazing BONUSES for FREE (A $65 Value)

•Delicious, Nutritious Recipe eGuide for breakfast, lunch, dinner and side dishes (A $27 value)

•A Grocery Shopping Guide to help you easily navigate healthy food choices at the supermarket (A $19 value)

•Sensational Smoothies and Juices’ recipe guide (A $19 Value) 



Price $298



        Plant Based Program


Coming soon!!!


Price $


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