The Magic Formula For Weight Loss / Good Health = Eating Right For YOU!


The bad news: there is no one magic formula for weight loss.

The good news: there IS a magic formula for YOU and YOUR weight loss. There is YOUR  own magic formula!


Eating the right mix and amount of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and essential vitamins and minerals will make you look and feel fantastic. However, with obesity at an all-time high, many of us are missing out on the vitality and energy and wellbeing that comes from a balanced, healthy diet. Furthermore, I often see clients not eating enough to support their demanding training needs, or undereating as a way to try and lose those kilos. This simply isn't sustainable or a good approach for long-term or optimal results. As counterintuitive as it sounds, often runners and clients wanting to lose weight, need to eat more to get their results. But eating more of the right foods and at the right time is key. 


It is not just our waistline that suffers – cardiovascular disease is the leading killer today, Type 2 diabetes is increasing rapidly (and in many younger people too), and 1 in 2 people will develop cancer in some form. As shocking and upsetting as this is, these diseases and risk of developing them, can be dramatically reduced/eliminated by a change of diet and lifestyle. By altering your current diet, whether the goal be for weight-loss or health, you are reducing your risk of developing these increasingly apparent diseases. Something key to remember: with every bite of food you eat, you’re either feeding disease or fighting it. Food really is that powerful.


It is never too late to make changes and to feel fantastic. Contact me today to arrange a detailed analysis of your current diet, highlighting any excesses or deficiencies that there may be of various macro and micronutrients, and giving you your current energy intake. You will receive a comprehensive report of your current diet and any recommendations to bring your diet inline with the current nutrition standards and recommendations for Australia. Click on the Services tab for more information (Option 1) or email me at: dietanalysis@lousweight.com.au.


Eat well and get the health, happiness and body that you deserve. Eat to win - don't derail your training by a less than optimal diet - nutrition is key for that new PB!




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