Read what some of Lou's past clients have to say:


Sheena says:

"Louise's passion and expertise for real food and healthy lifestyle is very evident and what I value. Louise is professional, kind and practices her own beliefs. I have always felt that I have left a session with so much more knowledge & understanding of my diet, as well as easy lifestyle changes to put in place without any judgement."


D says:

"Best 12 weeks of my relationship with food.

I love my body, and I love looking after it in many ways. However, I always have had a weird relationship with food. I binge and then restrict myself and feel guilty and eat more thinking that exercise will help losing the calories that I consumed. I decided to take a challenge, to change and to see what I could improve within myself. I decided to enter a 12 week challenge for runners with Lou's weight. Lou is a nutritionist who is also an awesome runner and a great friend. It has been a massive learning curve. 

I learned to love all food, that there is no good or bad in food. I learned to love carbs and not to be scared from them. I learned my portions, I learned to looove vegetables even more than I did, I also learned to have the right amounts of food at the right times. I learned to eat for recovery and for performance when I ran. I learned to fuel my body and nourish it and I learned to have the best relationship with food that I have ever had. And also my body weight didn't fluctuate as much as it usually does!! 

Lou is so supportive, she constantly sent me information about food. How to shop, what to have on a run, best vegetables with protein, anti inflammatory properties, performance fruits and vegetables, how to properly fuel for a marathon amongst a lot of interesting food information that I didn't know. "



Kirsten says:

"Louise is extremely knowledgable in her field, and truely looks after her clients specific needs in a kind and professional way. I did the Jump into June challenge and she was very supportive and encouraging throughout the program. With the help of Louise, I was able to identify my nutrition and fitness goals a lot faster. 5 stars from me."


Mick says:

"I was referred to Louise in July 2015 from a friend of mine who has also used her services with terrific ongoing success. I'd made a decision to get fit and lose weight and know I needed some help and motivation to guide me, in particular with food choices. 

Since July I have lost a total of...14 Kilograms! I am also a runner and thanks to Lou my performance has improved due to making much better food choices specifically in regards to fuel and recovery.

Not only is Lou my nutritionist but she also quickly became my friend. Lou is hugely motivating and supportive and steers you on the right track at all times. She has a knack for saying the right thing, at the right time. She makes you feel very comfortable."  


Eve * says:

"Living in the city and working full time, I found life to be a bit full on to attend regular appointments. I needed to find a nutritionist to help me with getting my diet and eating habits back on track and that would fit in with my lifestyle. Lous weight online was perfect for this. After an initial online consult, I had a full dietary assessment and a well-structured, personalized and practical plan was set for me. 

I was provided with regular online consults in the form of emails and skype dates and felt extremely supported on my journey. I found myself learning so much more about nutrition and how to take good care of myself through healthy eating. 

Having had a history of an eating disorder, I required a level of understanding and sensitivity during this process. And I felt Louise was the perfect person to have as part of my team on my journey to good health and nutrition. Lou provided me with all the information and guidance I needed in a compassionate and understanding way.

Lous weight online is perfect for anyone with a busy schedule who can’t find the time to get to regular in person appointments. I would highly recommend Lous weight online to anyone looking for a nutritionist to fit into today’s busy lifestyle!"


* (name has been changed for privacy.)


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